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Guoming Cast Pipe adheres to the environmental protection

Guoming Cast Pipe adheres to the environmental protection concept of "energy saving, emission reduction, comprehensive utilization, low-carbon clean, green cast pipe", and vigorously develops a circular economy. Centralized treatment and comprehensive utilization of waste and garbage; seven environmental protection facilities such as exhaust gas desulfurization, dust removal, and noise reduction cover the entire production line, completely achieving ultra-low emissions or meeting standards; implementing green environmental protection strategies and building garden-style factories for economic development and environmental protection Construction sets an example.


Jigang Cast Pipe is one of the earliest manufacturers in China to produce centrifugal ductile iron pipe according to ISO2531 international standard. The predecessor was Jinan Iron Works, which was founded in 1957. It had produced the first furnace iron and the first ductile iron pipe in Shandong Province. It has a history of 60 years.
The company focuses on the R&D, production and sales of ductile iron pipes, and is one of the manufacturers of ductile iron pipes with the most abundant specifications in China. The company has won the awards of "Cast Pipe Industry Brand", "Shandong Famous Brand Product", "Shandong Manufacturing Individual Item", "Shandong High Quality Product", and National "High-tech Enterprise".
In 2016, the company established a new plant in Lanling County, Linyi City, and was fully put into operation in 2018. The company’s main product is ductile iron pipe, has adopted a number of international advanced and Asian first-class processes and technologies, including seven systematic control procedures such as real-time data collection and asset operationsto achieve intelligent control of the entire production management process.